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Ithaca, New York





1. One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
2. Cop Zone: You must be physically within the designated Cop Zone to access the release.
3. To enter, submit your entry from inside the Cop Zone and get on the List. Users that are not inside the Zone will not be eligible.
4. All entries must be received by the time specified for this event.
5. Your participation does not guarantee that your entry will be selected.
6. If your entry is selected, you will be contacted purchase instructions by the date specified.
7. Winners will be required to confirm their reservation in order to secure their product for purchase on release day. *
8. Pending reservations must be confirmed by the deadline indicated. To confirm a pending reservation, winners must validate their payment information & authorize a non-refundable charge of $5.00 USD in the app.
9. RELEASE DAY: Winners with Confirmed Reservations must complete their purchase within the timeframe indicated as specified by the retailer.*
10. Late pickups / purchases are not guaranteed. Your reservation may be cancelled if you are late.
11. Reservations are not transferable. A valid government-issued photo ID matching your entry will be required for in-store purchases. We will not accept temporary IDs, school IDs, or IDs without photo for this release.
12. Reservations are binding. Failure to honor your reservation (i.e. no-shows) may result in your account being flagged and you may be restricted from accessing future Copdate events with the participating merchant. In the event that you do not pickup or redeem your confirmed reservation, the Reservation Fee is non-refundable.
13. The retailer reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any entry that is deemed to have breached the stated rules, or is otherwise deemed ineligible for any reason.
14. Copdate is strictly a reservation service and does not handle purchase transactions for products reserved using the service. Products must be purchased directly from the merchant on release day according to the store rules and Copdate Terms of Use.
15. By entering, you agree to the terms of the release, to join our mailing list, subscribe to our newsletter, and to receive promotional emails from the participating merchant and Copdate.


All submissions are subject to Copdate Terms of Use & Privacy Policy and must meet the specific eligibility requirements detailed herein. Submissions that do not meet these eligibility requirements will not qualify for this event



COPDATE BOOST is an optional feature that allows you to upgrade your qualifying Copdate entry to give you access to multiple rounds of winner draws, more ways of being selected, and the opportunity to earn BOOST PERKS.

Boosting your entry does not guarantee that your entry will be selected for the opportunity to reserve or purchase from the participating retailer.

For more info, please visit www.copdate.com/boost



Due to the high demand and limited availability of this and other products released on Copdate, we are working to ensure that every reservation made in the app is honored, and that every product reserved is spoken for on release day.

Unclaimed reservations are a lose-lose situation for everyone – other users who missed out, the retailer holding products for “no-shows”, and us too… We love giving out W’s, and we don’t want them going to waste!



In order to secure their product for this release, winners will be required to confirm their reservation by validating their payment information and authorizing a nominal charge in the app.

Winners that complete the confirmation step and successfully authorize the charge, will have certified their intention to pick up their reserved product from the retailer on release day.

This will help ensure that reservations are given only to winners that intend to pickup on release day, and that all reserved pairs end up in the hands of people that truly want them!

Winners that do not confirm or do not wish to authorize the charge, can simply cancel their pending reservation (i.e. “Drop”) at no cost and give other users the opportunity to cop hassle-free!

Reservation Fees are not refundable and non-transferable. Once the Fee for a confirmed reservation is paid, it is not refundable. Failure to honor a confirmed reservation, the stated rules, or the foregoing Terms of Use, may result in the reservation being cancelled at the user’s expense.



As always, there is no charge whatsoever for entering.

Your CREDIT CARD IS NOT REQUIRED and there is NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND for entering and/or participating in the List Event.

Confirmation is only required if your List entry has been selected or RSVP was successful.

If your attempted reservation is unavailable, unsuccessful, or if you decide to “DROP”, your reservation will simply be cancelled at no charge.



All products successfully reserved using Copdate must be purchased from the retailer on release day as instructed in the rules set by the shop for each event.

Products are NOT purchased in the app.


§ Terms & Conditions

All Boost Perks & Perks Passes advertised are subject to availability and to the participant meeting all eligibility requirements, including those of the participating merchant, which may vary for each event.
Perks Passes are available on qualifying events only.
Registering via the invite link provided, and/or registering via the Copdate mobile application, websites, or by other means, does not guarantee eligibility, or that the participant will be eligible for the opportunity to receive, purchase, or reserve any of the advertised products or services.
Redemption instructions will be provided only if entry is selected.
Conditions & eligibility requirements are subject to change without notice.
All advertised promotions, products, and services are subject to Copdate Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Void where prohibited.

(*) Copdate Boost & Boost Perks are subject to availability and eligibility requirements. Purchasing Boost and/or acquiring Boost / Boost Perks as part of a promotion does not guarantee that the participant will be eligible to purchase the associated products or services. Copdate Boost & Boost Perks are available while quantities last and entering does not guarantee availability to the participant.
All submissions are subject to Copdate Terms of Use & Privacy Policy and must meet the specific eligibility requirements detailed herein. Submissions that do not meet these eligibility requirements will not qualify for this event. For additional details, please visit www.copdate.com to consult our FAQ and Terms of Use.